Wednesday, May 20, 2009

State of the DVR

I cleaned out my DVR yesterday. Mostly it was deleting episodes of my “must see” shows that I watched in real time. But I also deleted all of those Grey’s Anatomy episodes – I think I will just skim through Television without Pity. I didn’t delete Private Practice yet, but I can’t say I am rushing home to watch those, either. I deleted Ugly Betty because I literally didn’t watch all season.

I have 17 episodes of Chuck. I think I will watch them.

I have seven movies recorded from when Showtime did a preview weekend. Six I haven’t seen before and one was the last Highlander movie.

I deleted the three Star Wars movies that I recorded from Spike TV, just in case I was bored. And too lazy to walk down the hall and get the commercial-free DVD’s?

I went from 29% capacity remaining to more than 50%.

And then I watched hockey.

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Anonymous said...

You will enjoy Chuck. I'm happy its been renewed.