Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Audio Books

It occurred to me that since I started getting serious about contributing to Project Linus, I haven't been reading enough.  (Yeah, yeah.  Define "enough".)  I watched a season of Mad Men.  I am a good way through that French History course on Academic Earth.  But the reading has been slow.

Then I was watching Diggnation and Kevin Rose said that he had signed up for audible.com, a company that sells audio books that you can download.  There is a monthly fee - $14.99, I think - and you can download one book per month.  Well, you know I don't pay $15.00 for my books these days.  But a seed was planted in my little head.

So I was in Half Price Books and decided to check out the audio book section.  OMG, are they expensive.  $20.00 for a used copy.  Expensive, and I am kinda squeamish about putting strange disks into my computer.  Then I was in Barnes and Noble.  I forget what I touched first, but it was $60.00.

$60.00 for a set of CDs of someone reading to you!  $14.99 a month sounds rather less crazy.

I remembered that I had gift cards left from Christmas, so I found two on sale at BN and The Zahir was a new-in-plastic copy at Half Price Books.  So that is the experiment.

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