Friday, January 14, 2011

BTT: First Book

The Question was: Do you remember the first book you bought for yourself? Or the first book you checked out of the library? What was it and why did you choose it?

I was extremely lucky in that my parents bought me lots of books when I was a kid.  They fed my habit until I finished college.  Since going to the bookstore was no big deal at all, I really don't remember the first purchase I made.

Similarly, my elementary school made time each week for each class to visit the library and check out books.  I don't remember the first, but I do remember one that was special:

Miss Nelson is Missing hit mainstream Willowbrook when I was in the second grade.  The tale, of how a teacher gives her class a lesson on taking the nice ones for granted, was so popular that it had a waiting list.  A waiting list!  

Over the summer, I took my two year old niece, Ainslie, to the library several times.  One day, I saw Miss Nelson on the shelf and borrowed it for five year old Alex.  He wasn't quite so impressed.

Kids.  They don't know what's cool.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Miss Nelson is Missing! I remember that book! I would check it out and then go back on the waitlist to read it again!!

My parents always let me order from those scholastic book forms whenever they came out.

Kris Dahlberg