Friday, January 21, 2011

BTT: Periodically

The Booking through Thursday question was:

"What magazines/journals do you read?"

Once upon a time, I read so many magazines that I couldn't count them. Pet magazines, cooking magazines (as if I ever really cooked), People. I would grab one every single time I was at the grocery store. Then I started reading about "The Starbucks Factor". That thing you spend a few bucks on all the time, such that if you gave it up, you might actually save money. 

So I asked myself which were my favorites and subscribed. Then I never bought another magazine at the grocery store. Once in awhile at the airport, but never at the grocery store.

These days, I get my dose of celebrity gossip rags at the allergist's office. I subscribe only to Vanity Fair, and it has been three years since I didn't have a back pile of issues to read. There are at least four right now. I imagine it is because I spend so much time online. 

I read the Chicago Tribune and USA Today online, as well as Glenview Patch, a new online local periodical. And I always see the headlines on MSN and iGoogle.

Wow. That was more stuff than I thought.

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