Thursday, August 28, 2008

At the Refuge - Henwen

Because my travel schedule has been annoying, I have been missing the happenings at the Refuge. For one, Paco the cockatoo, about whom I once wrote, is being adopted by one of our volunteers. There was also getting to know this umbrella cockatoo named Henwen.

I first met Henwen two weeks ago, when I worked in his room. I let him out to hang around the top of him cage. Tough to get him back in, though.

Today, Jose brought him upstairs to hang out in the kitchen. He wasn't interested in any treats, but he soaked up all of the attention. But even better was that when I left him alone to sweep the front room, he didn't make a fuss. Just looked around, checking things out.

We had a moment when I dumped the dust pan into the garbage. It has a long stick, like a broom that scared him into flying into the sink. He wasn't hurt, and he stepped right back up to go back to her perch. He was really a sweetheart.

Henwen is up for adoption and you can read more about him here.

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