Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fired Librarian

The Chicago Tribune had an article about a Michigan library assistant that was fired for writing a fictional tell-all about her weird patrons. Here is an exerpt from the introduction:

"After working at a public library in a small, rural Midwestern town (which I will refer to as Denialville, Michigan, throughout this book) for fifteen years, I have encountered strains and variations of crazy I didn't know existed in such significant portions of our population."

I am fascinated and disgusted by this concept. On one hand, I want to click right over to BN and find it and on the other hand - I can't even take reality TV - this might be too much for me.

The irony of a library firing an employee for writing a book is not lost on me. But if this article is correct in that the patrons in questions are "easily identifiable in our small community", I would have fired her, too. And now she has all of the publicity that she needs to make a go of it as a novelist, so she isn't getting any sympathy from me.

You can read the full article here.

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