Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm going back on the road tomorrow - to Indianapolis for a conference. We put on a lot of conferences, and our meeting planner just left for another job so I am going out early. This is the first trip where I decided to skip the airport and drive it. Now, Chicago to Indianapolis might be worth driving anyway. But with current airline hassles being what they are, there was no debate. Ugh. It just hit me that I'll probably end up paying for parking.

I'm going to bring my little hand-me-down camera and see if I can find anything interesting to shoot. I very seriously doubt I have the eye or the patience for anything remotely interesting.

Here is a picture my mother took of the dog with her fancy new camera:
I wonder how long it took her to get that pic.

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Anonymous said...

There was an amusing chain of doughnut stores in Indiana called YONUTS. I was going to ask you to take a picture of one of their signs (because I'm 14), but according to google they're now defunct.