Friday, August 1, 2008

Messing with a Good Thing

I do not like talk radio. Since most of my driving is to and from work on the suburban nightmare called Palatine Road, I just want to blast my eardrums out with some music. Q101, which I consider the best radio station for that effect, was never any good for me in the morning because the DJs will not shut up. Mancow Muller was the most famous personality. But I had noticed over the last six months or so that it was more music than talk. And the small bit of talk was often about sports, which I enjoy. The Chicago Tribune just reported that they are changing the format again so that they can talk more:

"Sherman and Tingle have grown their show tremendously in the past year, resulting in a great response from our listeners to their highly entertaining content between the songs," Tisa LaSorte, director of brand and operations for Emmis Chicago stations WKQX-FM and WLUP-FM 97.9, said in a memo announcing the move.

"We believe their show can attract a higher level of listening for us in the mornings, and look forward to having them prove us right," LaSorte wrote. "This move is a strong step towards greater success for Q101.1, as we deliver on our promise to be 'Chicago's Alternative.'"

Sherman and Tingle. "Taps at the 10s and Trash at the 30s" Phony phone calls and saying rotten things about former flames on the air. Dear WKQX: I'm not sure the audience that finds this interesting is awake for the morning show.

I'm just going to have to put the iPod in the car.

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