Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Among the websites I require to function is the fabulous LibraryThing. This tool allows me to catalog all of the books in my own library. I haven't begun to effectively use all of the functions, but look at that little widget to the right! Isn't it cute?

After setting up an account, members can search for books to add to their own catalogs. Or research books, looking for the reviews of other members before commiting the time to read it. There are communities and discussion groups. There are tools that show which other members have the same books that I have. I actually find more interesting that each of my books show how many other members have them. When last I looked, I had at least one book that no one else on the site has. And two or three that I share with only one other person.

LibraryThing allows me to see the catalogs of my friends. So I know what books not to buy them for their birthdays. In some cases, that is rather depressing. Like my friend Liza - who is a librarian. She and I share only 13 books in common and seven of those are Harry Potter.

This website is free of charge to join, but only up to a catalog of 200 books. Personally, I paid up the $25 to become a LifeTime member.

I understand that a similar site, called Good Reads, has become rather popular. But I am perfectly happy with my LibraryThing.

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