Sunday, August 31, 2008

Adventures and Introductions

This afternoon I am taking Manu, the Amazon I am fostering, back to the Refuge for a night. First thing tomorrow morning, some potential adopters are coming to meet him. I have said many times before that I love Manu, but he prefers the company of men. So while I can give him a good home, I can't give him the best home.

Fostering is great because we get to know the birds outside of the "shelter" environment. So we have more information to give adopters. Of course there is always the risk that you will want to keep the bird. My mother actually said that she wants to keep Manu. But we know that is at least half because she is afraid of what I might bring to the house next.

So if this works out, I will have done my duty by an awesome bird.

After I drop off Manu, I am going to pick up my nephew, Alex. His parents are going to a party that is certain to run late, so we are going to try a sleep over. Everyone is skeptical about it, but I figure that if he gets all upset at bedtime, I'll just take him home. Kid should still try stuff, I think.

I'd better get moving, though.

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