Monday, September 1, 2008

Manu's Potential New Family

After dropping the nephew off at home (more on the first sleep over later), I went to the Refuge to help out the short-staffed crew and pick up Manu from meeting his potential adopters. He was out on the kitchen perch and I walked over to him. He stepped up without much drama at all. Then Rich, our director, came in and Manu got all fluffed up and angry with me for being alive.

Manu's potential Dad was still there and witnessed the scene. Which I think might have made him like Manu more. I was introduced and spent some time talking with them. Nice people and more experienced with Amazons than I am. They asked about his routine and his diet. They told me he would be the only pet in the home, which I think he will like. They asked if I was going to have a hard time letting him go. I told them the truth:

I will miss Manu, but I am not the best home for him. It is also good for me see the "foster" experience all the way through. So we know that I won't get all attached to every animal and become Crazy Cat Lady.

I realize I am repeating myself, but I need the mantra.

As I cleaned and fed the birds in the front room, Manu sat in the kitchen getting progressively more impatient. By the time I went to get him, he stepped right up and went right into the carrier. If you can believe that.

The potential adopters are going to sleep on it, but Manu was the clear favorite of the bunch they met. If they decide to adopt, they will still have to order a cage and it probably be a couple of weeks before they can take him home.

I feel pretty good about it today. Check in again if he goes home with these people.


Fluffycat said...

I know I couldn't foster kittens... it would be way too hard. And all kittens are totally cute and loveable and would be perfect in my home. Sigh.

Anne said...

Yeah. That is a good reason why I don't volunteer with kittens. Or puppies. Or bunnies! Or ponies!

I volunteer with books and they all end up in my house, too!