Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Talking Politics is a Bad Idea

(deep breath)

I'm undecided, ok?

I will delete and ignore any comments that trash me for it. I am outing myself as undecided because I have a point to make.

I like both candidates. I voted for John McCain in the primary in 2000. I was convinced that he was the guy to save the soul of the Republican Party. I'm still hoping. And while I missed Barack Obama's acceptance speech, I read it online and it made me all teary and proud of Chicago for finding him. Just reading it! I like their wives, even. I don't believe that McCain would be Bush III and I don't believe that Obama is all rhetoric.

I am a moderate. If I were to label myself, I would say "Cook County Republican" - which anyone from Illinois could tell you is an oxymoron. I like my Executives conservative, my Justices liberal and my Legislature to be a mixed bag. So I have my issues with the politics of both parties.

I said it in January and I will say it again: All other things being equal (meaning no one really makes me mad between now and then), I will be perfectly happy with either candidate as President. Here is my point:

I can't stand the way these two sides talk to each other. And by "sides" I do not mean the candidates or even their entourages. I mean their supporters. It seems we all think that anyone not voting the way we are voting is just an idiot. Not just an idiot, but a xlkjsd% MORON!

My mother hates the Cleveland Browns because their fans are so obnoxious. I always thought that was terribly unfair of her. But I am starting to see it.

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