Monday, September 1, 2008

Shoe Shopping with Alex

Because of a bad nerve in my foot, since treated, I haven't been able to wear heels in over a year. So I decided I am entitled to new black pumps. And since Famous Footwear is doing their Buy One Get One 1/2 OFF, I took my nephew, Alex (age 3 1/2), with me.

Alex had been complaining that his church shoes hurt. So I was told to get something brown around a size 8. Alex was wearing his crocs. Don't get me started on that. So I had to introduce him to the concept of the ped. We called them the Silly Socks and he was totally fascinated. The shoes he liked best, a fancy looking brown laceless high top, were a half size too big. I got them for him, anyway.

Then I told him that I wanted to go look at shoes, too. Thought I was going to lose him. But he was all into it. I put three pairs in front of him:

Option #1: The More Professional Shoe (this double-banded Mary Jane seems to be the thing this year)

Option #2: The Suede, more interesting to look at shoe
Option #3: The Most Comfortable Shoe
He picked #2. Said he liked the "stripes". Pretty sure they were the most expensive of the three, but I bought them, anyway. I'm glad he talked me out of that last pair, because they were totally off mission. But the soles were like Keds! And I'm too old to pick "professional" over "interesting", anyway.


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