Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Assorted Chocolate

Boxes of Assorted Chocolates should be required to come with a decoder ring. Or something.

There are several boxes of these floating around my office this week and I find myself staring at them, trying to figure out which one has the caramel and which one has the icky creams and coconut fillings. I am told there is some way to tell from looking at the pattern on top of the chocolate piece, what type of filling is inside. But I am no such expert.

Back when we were gaming, our friend Rosalia worked at Godiva and would bring extra boxes of candy for us. Godiva always had a chart to tell you what you were getting.

At home, I use a knife, cut the thing open and don’t eat it if I don’t like what is inside. That still gives the next person a good twelve hours to eat the piece before it dries out.

Sometimes I miss living with my brother.

So today, I am just noshing on the chocolate cake.

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