Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rabbit Rescue

People find the idea of a parrot rescue odd, so in the interest of solidarity I'd like to point you to an article in USA Today about a lady who wrote a book to educate people about rabbits and adoption:

"Georgiana G. Hall (who goes by G.G.), a lifelong animal lover, took on her first rabbit nine years ago and found it (and the other rabbits that followed into her home and heart) so enchanting, and so misunderstood (they're regularly dumped by the thousands weeks after Easter by know-nothing owners who find growing rabbits less charming than tiny bunnies) that she felt compelled to spread the word. The result: Hershey: A Tale of a Curious House Rabbit(Peppertree Press, $16.95) released last autumn."

I believe I mentioned that I babysat for a rabbit earlier this year when a friend was on vacation.  Joker is a charming creature, but he needs time and space to run around and fresh produce in addition to his pellets and hay and a clean cage (boy, was that a pain) and he chews on things and hides and generally requires just as much maintenance as my cat.

And you know what a pain my cat is.

So if you think you want a rabbit, please do your homework.  The commitment is in time, attention, space in your home and of course, cash.  And if you are then satisfied that a rabbit is the pet for you, please consider adopting from a rescue. Petfinder.com is a great resource.

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