Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Box Calendars

365 Little Ways to Save Our Planet sucked.  I was so bored that I quit at September 6.  I just now tried to run through the rest of the year to see if there were any good tips and I gave up at November 9.  Here was a gem:

"Air transportation is now the fastest-growing source of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.  Instead of flying to a vacation destination, why not explore your local area?"

Shut.  Up.  And anyway, if you people were really serious about your tree-hugging, you wouldn't have produced a daily box calendar.

Luckily, I found the 2011 version of the Book Lovers Calendar that Joy gave me a couple of years ago.  Not that I got around to reading the books from that list.  But it was fun to look at every day.

Now to go recycle this junk.

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