Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Parties

Weekend Assignment # 349: Party Hardy or Party Hardly?

This is the time of year for office parties, family reunions, New Year's Eve parties and holiday parties in general. Are you a party animal or a party avoider? Do you go to parties because you want to, or out of obligation, or not at all?

Extra Credit: How many parties are you likely to attend between now and New Year's Day?

I generally enjoy a party. Sometimes, at this time of year, I just want to hole up and do nothing. It is dark so early, and cold and often the streets are terrible and the traffic is worse. In fact, that is the secret to getting me to a party: starting it as early in the day as possible. The later people start gathering, the less likely I am to show up. But I always enjoy myself.

At the places where I volunteer, the holiday parties are a lot of “putting the name with the face”. I meet people that I have heard about all year long, but never see because we are on different days.

At the office party, it is about meeting the spouses (and other partners) of my colleagues. You learn a lot about people by meeting their spouses.

New Years Eve I am generally with friends. (Did I RSVP yet? I’ll be there, Jen!) Schedules being what they are, I see these people only a few times a year (outside of Facebook), so there is plenty of catching up.

Because both the rescue and my office are having January parties this year, New Years is the only party I have remaining for the season. My family gathers at my house on Boxing Day, but I don’t count that. It doesn’t involve any booze.

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