Friday, December 10, 2010

Ways I Torture Myself Every Season

Are you familiar with Ovation TV?  Artsy-fartsy cable channel.  Every year, they do a "Battle of the Nutcrackers", where they play the performances of a bunch of different companies and viewers vote on which they like the best.  I often have it on as background TV during the holiday season. 

Every year, the post-modern goofy stuff wins: 

This was the Americans, gang.  So I've taken to calling it "Battle of the Goofy-Ass Nutcrackers".  This year, the U.S. isn't represented.  The French have taken up the goofy-ass mantle.  And this year, Sarah Jessica is hosting. 

I'm sorry to be a purist, but I don't believe that as long as I live, I will ever see The Nutcracker done better than the one Baryshnikov did in 1977.  So excuse me for posting this rather long video, because I am going to need easy access to it for a bit.

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