Friday, March 11, 2011

About the Red Cross

After 9/11, when we all wanted to do something and Clooney and Bono were featured in a telethon, we all donated lots of money to the American Red Cross.  Some months later, there was a big scandal because the Red Cross had used some of those funds for purposes other than the direct aid of the victims and families of the attacks.

The way I remember it, the Red Cross thought they had enough resources to adequately support those families and were funding for the next thing.

There is always a "next thing".

I didn't mind at all.  I trusted the Red Cross to use my money to take care of the people who need it the most.  If they thought the funds were needed elsewhere, then they were needed elsewhere.  And if I didn't trust them with my money, I would give my money to a different organization.

I like the Red Cross because they know what will be needed, they know how to prepare, they know how to communicate and they move.  Here is their press release from earlier today.  It talks about the Japanese Red Cross, the West Coast groups, the global communication network and the best ways to track down your people so that we know who is safe and who is still in danger.

These days, the Red Cross website asks "How do you want your donation to help?"  Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami is currently at the top of the list.  Followed by:

Disaster Relief for Countless Crises
North Africa and the Middle East Civil Unrest
Help for Military Members and Their Families
Your Local Red Cross Chapter

and finally

Where the Need is Greatest

They will be thrilled with anything we can give, but I hope you will look for that last button.  Or use the text thingy:  REDCROSS to 90999 will give them $10.

Thanks for helping.

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