Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Life in France, by Julia Child

Book 20

This book was first recommended by a colleague, then when we all saw Julie and Julia, and determined that only half the film was worthy...

I have established that I am not a foodie.  But I have always found Julia Child charming.  And Julie and Julia portrayed her as having this fabulous sense of adventure, which her memoir really reinforces.

Julia Child was game.  She tried everything and had no fear about screwing up as long as she was growing as a person.  So she learned how to cook, because she loved the food in France.  She learned languages.  She learned cultures, and all through the harrowing life of an American diplomat's wife in post-WWII Europe.  Child would have told you that the real threat to America was McCarthyism.  She loved French people, when most Americans found them rude.  Later, she found she loved German people.  Even though most Americans found them cold and France was her "spiritual home".

Her husband was a rock star - really supportive and equally up for adventure.  And when her cooking led to a book which led to a TV show, he spent his retirement helping her to shine.

I am jealous of this woman's whole life.  Most especially her chutzpah.

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Fluffycat said...

After seeing the movie - I so agree. I was thinking, enough with this entitled woman living off of someone else's life - more about Julia. I did go to the Smithsonian last year and there was no stick of butter sitting on the shelf in the Julia Child kitchen.