Saturday, March 19, 2011

McDonald's Oatmeal

In more than one conversation with more than one group of people, I have heard someone ask, "Has anyone tried the oatmeal at McDonald's yet?"  And no one had.  So this morning, I stopped in before an appointment an ordered some:

The oatmeal is instant, which by default turns off some people.  Not me.  However, I often run into trouble because I like my oatmeal less...soupy than some.  I have been known to drain my oatmeal when I get it from Starbucks.  I am happy to say that was not the case here.

I saw the lady pour the dry oatmeal into the cup and use the hot water from the coffee machine and I think I might have seen her splash in a bit of cream.  Her back was turned to me, so I am not sure.

The promised fresh apples were stirred in, along with some brown sugar and the raisins that you see on top.  I thought it was very tasty.  And with my giant one dollar Diet Coke, I was very happy with my breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered the McD's oatmeal at an airport recently. With a large diet coke, it really is the perfect meal.

Kris Dahlberg