Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cosmo Video

Kiwi was in the kitchen screaming.  We were in the family room.  I called out:

Me:     That'll do, Kiwi!
Kiwi:   You're ok!  (screams again)
Me:     (to my mother)  See.  She's doing that now.  Using "You're ok" when she means, "I'll do whatever I want."

Kiwi:   Uh oh!
Kay:    (laughs)
Kiwi:   (laughs louder)

Cosmo is a grey with his own book.  He speaks in context better than Kiwi.  But this is a video of Cosmo opening drawers.  I am posting it so that my mother can see we do not have the only cabinets on Earth scratched up by cheeky beaks.  Kiwi isn't opening drawers yet, but I bet she knows what to do with an emery board.  Vain thing.

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