Friday, March 18, 2011 and the Gift that Keeps on Giving

I received an e-mail from, the organization that hooks up borrowers and lenders for microloans.  I had lent a lady in Samoa $25 to expand her farming operation and she has finished making the payments.  There was a credit in my account , so I logged in to find another borrower.

I found a lady in Senegal that started a small grocery and is looking to expand.  Click.  Click.  Done.  But it had been awhile since I logged on, so I took a look at my account.  They have some statistics.  This was my third loan, whereas the average participant has had six.  Ooooh.  Make it competitive.  That almost worked, folks.

Then I saw that I had invited one person, which is 1/2 a person more than the average.  That must be my grandfather.  I clicked on him.  He has three active loans going, for a total of eight.

This was a Christmas gift from three years ago that he used and expanded on, and is still using.  I am pretty sure that makes me the Christmas Queen.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool website! I just made 4 you got credit for another referral....

Kris Dahlberg