Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri

Book 17

The third book by Jhumpa Lahiri, whose work was introduced to me by Da Mare, is another collection of short stories.  While this is not my favorite genre, I enjoy Lahiri's perspective on Indian American families.  I like the way that the Indian culture is sometimes a featured part of the story, and sometimes matters not at all.

One thing that was a bit foreign to me was the idea that an Indian couple would come to the United States, raise a family, and return to India upon retirement.  As this happened in more than one story, I wonder how often it happens in reality.  It was a new take on the "building a life in America" for me.

One thing, though.  The cover?  I spent the entire reading of the book wondering what the heck that was.  It wasn't until the very end of the "trilogy" tales at the end that I figured it out.  A bangle bracelet lost on the ocean.  And not to spoil anything, but that just sucked.

I am looking forward to what Lahiri does next.  And hoping that it is a full length novel.

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